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This article is part of a series by Old Town Pro Staff member Megan Hess. Megan is the founder of BeadHead Fishing Company, a guide service and fly tying company based out of Hudson, Maine. She has her bachelors degree in aquatic biology and a masters degree in ecology and environmental sciences. She researched mercury contamination in waterbodies using aquatic insects for 8+ years. She is a Registered Maine Fishing Guide, a commercial fly tyer, and a guide for Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge.

….As I taught fly fishing classes to different fishing groups during graduate school, I learned that most anglers had so many questions about the entomology portion and most had been very interested in it but didn’t have the right materials to learn more about it. This is when I decided I would offer aquatic entomology classes with high quality science material that the general public can understand. Here, I want to give you a brief introduction to the major orders of aquatic insects that are discussed in fly fishing and how to identify them…..