Introduction to Fly Fishing Class


This course provides a novice angler the opportunity to sit down one on one and learn the sport of fly fishing. By the end of the class, you will have learning materials that you can take home and all of the skills necessary to catch a fish on a fly rod!

Price is for the course, not per person – invite your friends!

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What size rod should I get? How do you know what flies to use? How do I fish this certain fly? How do I read the water to know where the fish hold? 

We hear these questions all the time in fly fishing. Whether you are completely brand new to fly fishing or have a few seasons under your belt, this class will teach you everything you need to know to catch a fish on a fly rod efficiently and effectively.

While following along with handouts that are yours to keep, we first discuss parts of a fly rod and equipment that you may need. Next we describe the differences between types of rods and lines. We discuss how to correctly put a fly rod together including the sequence of fly line, leaders, and tippet. While doing this, we practice and discuss certain knots to use while attaching leader, tippet or flies.

The next section of the class is presented via powerpoint and is all about aquatic entomology (insects), their life stages, and types of fly fishing styles (nymphing, dry flies, streamer fishing, etc.) that mimic the life stages of the insects.  We will discuss mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies, and midges and also look at live samples of the insects. Simultaneously, we discuss how to fish certain fly patterns and what to look for on the stream to know when to fish them.

Lastly, we will take what we have learned and go outside to practice casting and rigging up your fly rod for different fishing styles (nymphing, streamers, dries, etc.). So please feel free to bring your own gear, so we can practice your cast with your own rod.  Additionally, bring any flies or fly boxes that you have so we can discuss how to use the flies that you may have! If you do not have your own gear that is completely fine, and there will be plenty of equipment provided for you to practice with.

Megan has been teaching fly fishing 101 and introduction to fly fishing classes since 2016. She strives for a laid-back learning environment. With Megan’s background in teaching, entomology, and fly fishing, this will be one of the most important and informative classes you take as a fly angler.

The class is roughly 4-5 hours and the price is per class, not per person – that means invite your friends and split the cost! Megan aims for a laid-back and inclusive environment during classes. She will travel to your home, you can travel to hers, or you can meet somewhere in the middle. This class has criteria that will be followed, however, it is flexible. That being said, classes have a conversational tone and anglers should feel free to ask questions at any time and spend as much time as needed on certain topics they prefer. The goal of this class is to answer all of the questions the angler has and have them feel confident on the water. Therefore, it is important for the angler to communicate their certain goals for this class with Megan.

Topics that are covered in the class:

  • Necessary equipment
  • Parts of a fly rod and assembly
  • Different rods, fly lines, and reels
  • Knots and putting a fly rod together
  • Match the hatch – entomology overview
  • Styles of fly fishing
  • Casting techniques