Aquatic Entomology – Match the Hatch Class


Learn about aquatic insect life cycles, how to fish the different life stages, and how to match the hatch from Aquatic Biologist and Entomologist, Megan Hess. At the end of this class you will have comprehensive knowledge of aquatic entomology and how it relates to fly fishing.

This is a two hour class. Price is per class, not per person. Invite your friends!

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How do you know what flies to use? How do I fish this certain fly? When should I fish this fly?

These are common questions in fly fishing that we hear all the time, and rightfully so, they are some of the hardest to learn. If you feel intimidated when you look at a fly box full of different patterns and don’t know what to use, the “Entomology 101 – Match the Hatch” class is the class for you! This class goes over the common types of flies ( nymphs, emergers, dries, streamers) and what life stage of an insect it mimics through a powerpoint. We will discuss mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies, and midges and also look at live samples of the insects. Simultaneously, we discuss how to fish certain fly patterns and what to look for on the stream to know when to fish them. With Megan’s background in teaching, entomology, and fly fishing, this will be one of the most important and informative classes you take as a fly angler.

The class is roughly 2 hours and the price is per class, not per person – that means invite your friends and split the cost! Bring your own flies and fly boxes so we can discuss how to fish your flies and when to use them. We can even organize them, if you wish! Megan aims for a laid back and inclusive environment during classes. She will travel to you or you can travel to her, or you can meet somewhere in the middle.