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We believe that fly fishing doesn’t need to be intimidating. Thats why we offer personalized classes for anyone that is interested in fly fishing or fly tying. Classes are led in a laid-back and encouraging environment. All are welcome!


“I took Megan’s fly tying class last winter and I have gotten my money back tenfold. Megan manages a balance of high-level, expert knowledge of aquatic entomology with a welcoming and accessible learning environment. I love fly fishing, but as a young woman trying to learn and get better, the sport can feel full of anglers offering unsolicited advice in a style that’s hard for me to learn from. After 10 minutes of the first class, I knew Megan wasn’t going to grab my rod out of my hands to show me a cast or sit down at my vise to do a whip finish for me. That might not sound like a big deal, but it was a game changer to have someone take the time to watch me try something out and give me feedback until I could get the skill right. Teaching is even harder than doing – and finding a great teacher is a hell of a lucky draw. When I got a salmon for the first time on a pattern Megan taught me how to tie, I knew I had gotten much more out of the class than I anticipated.
Thank you, Megan!!” – Hillary Knights 2020

“Megan has the unique ability to patiently share her extensive knowledge and experience in fishing Maine waters. In addition, her entomology-focused formal education provides a bonus for those interested in a more comprehensive fly-fishing experience. The fact that this all translated into catching lots of trout on a particularly rainy and otherwise dreary day only amplified the fun!” – Warren Alpern 2021