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Mayflies: Is that a Hex or a Green Drake?

Dry fly season is upon us in Maine! The words “Hex Hatch” and “Green Drakes” have been buzzing around recently because the water temperatures and photoperiod (length of sunlight during the day) are just right to initiate these hatches.

It has been my experience that you will find both Hexs and Eastern Green Drakes emerging on the same ponds in Maine – usually within the same time during the day! Some anglers don’t give a rip on how to tell the difference between the two, and that’s fine! Pick a mayfly dry fly pattern (Adams or Wulff style) that is similar in size to the mayflies that are coming off the water, tie it on, and you’re set. If you’re an entomology geek, like myself, you may be curious on how to tell the two apart. Let me give you the scientific answer…